Esthetic Crown Lengthening is the exposure of more tooth structure to create a more harmonious and esthetically pleasing smile.  Many people are affected by "gummy smiles" due to genetics or incomplete eruption of teeth.  

One of the main reasons people show excess gingiva is due to a process called delayed passive eruption.  There are two phases of eruption:  (1) active eruption, or the actual movement of the teeth into position, and (2) passive eruption, or the movement of the gum and bone down to expose the full crown.  With delayed passive eruption, the gum tissue is actually covering part of the crown that should be exposed.  A simple and quick procedure can expose the healthy and harmonious smile that you were born with that has been simply hiding underneath the gums.

In other cases, gummy smiles can be a result of overdeveloped maxilla and/or overactive lip.  These cases, while requiring more in depth treatment plans, can also be improved significantly.  Typically these cases involve interdisciplinary treatment, including exposure of the tooth (periodontist) with restorative crown or veneer (general dentist).

         Esthetic Crown Lengthening 

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